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Guatemala – Apr 19

It is still undecided if the UN Anti-Crime commission in Guatemala will continue to exist. Since its establishment in 2007, it has investigated numerous corruption cases, some of which reached high offices in the administration. While the President is not discounting the work that the commission has done, he is unsure whether an outside organization […]

Mexico – Apr 18

Many large auto corporations have increased their presence in Mexico. Toyota and Ford alone have announced $2.5 billion in investments to expand their presence in Mexico. The low labor costs and direct access to U.S. markets, thanks to NAFTA, make Mexico an ideal location for automobile manufacturing. The Mexican government plans to encourage foreign investment […]

Mexico – Apr 14

Mexico has surpassed Spain as the largest Spanish speaking economy for the first time, according to the International Monetary Fund. However, statistics on GDP per capita tell a different story. Spain’s GDP per capita exceeds that of Mexico by over $16,000. Projections based on current data indicate that the current GDP and GDP per capita trends will remain […]

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