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Israel – Jan 20

An Israeli security source told Haaretz that Israeli forces did not know that Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Mohammad Allahdadi was present during an Israeli strike on a Hezbollah convoy in Syria on Sunday. Hezbollah has said that six of its members died in the strike, while Tehran has vowed that it will retaliate, according to Revolutionary Guard chief General […]

Jordan – Jan 20

“Jordan, Romania discuss cooperation in nuclear energy” The chairperson of the Romanian Agency for Nuclear Energy and Radioactive Waste, Alice-Mariana Dima, visited the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) on Tuesday to discuss the development of nuclear energy for peaceful use. Discussions focused on increasing cooperation between JAEC and Romanian institutions, including Romania’s expertise in power […]

Palestine – Jan 20

“Palestinians to give UNSC bid another shot” On January 15, Arab foreign ministers approved a Palestinian request to return to the UN Security Council to seek an end to the Israeli occupation. Palestine needs nine positive votes to be approved for statehood. In the new year, changes on the council include the replacement of Australia […]

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