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Israel – Jan 27

Israel fires back after Syria rockets hit Golan Heights The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced Tuesday that it had fired back at Syria after at least two rockets fired from Syria hit the Golan Heights region. There were no reported casualties. The Golan Heights is the same area where six Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian general […]

Iraq – Jan 27

Rising Incomes Lead Iraqi Men to Take Multiple Wives Al-Monitor reports that the incidence of polygamy has risen in Iraq as per capita income has increased. The Qur’an permits a man to marry up to four wives if he can treat them fairly, although this is interpreted differently in modern Muslim-majority countries. In Iraq, the 1959 Personal Status […]

Lebanon – Jan 27

Kataeb Urges Anti-ISIS Coalition to Protect Lebanon The Lebanese Kataeb Party deputy leader, Sejaan Azzi, called on the Lebanese government Tuesday to ask the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS to announce its intention to support Lebanon in the event of an ISIS attack on the country. ISIS and al-Nusrah Front- affiliated militants in Syria are deployed near […]

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