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Argentina – Feb 13

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez has been charged with covering up information regarding the AMIA terrorist attack based on evidence that Alberto Nisman presented in trial four days before his suspicious death. Nisman accused the president of covering up the involvement of the Iranian suspects in exchange for trade between Argentina and Iran. Source: La tercera […]

Chile – Feb 13

On April 14, 2014, a fire in Valparaiso, Chile left 15 dead, destroyed 2,900 homes in six of Valparaiso’s hills, and affected 12,500 in the Valparaiso region. After 10 months of investigation, the poilce have concluded that the most probably cause of the fire was birds who were electrocuted and died on the cable lines. […]

Uruguay – Feb 13

Mujica’s government has declared various laws unconstitutional and invoked criticism from his own legislature. Mujica has been criticized for “not understanding the Republic” and “not comprehending the constituion” by his opposition and has been called “Anti-democratic”. Nonetheless, President Mujica maintains his position that the “Judicial power is three times as powerful as the Legislative power.” Source: […]

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