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Argentina – Feb 20

The Argentine Secretary of Defense Sergio Berni recognized that the recent death of Alberto Nisman “has institutionally affected our democracy.” He emphasized that regardless of the outcome of the evidence that is still being uncovered and what witnesses said, the influence of this event on Argentina’s democracy cannot be denied. Source: La Prensa  

Chile – Feb 20

Two tourists were expelled from The National Park Torres del Paine for lighting a fire in an enclosed area. It is clearly expressed on park maps that all visitors received upon entering are forbidden from lighting fire under any circumstances. The government has recently cracked down on these rules because forest fires has become increasingly dangerous […]

Bolivia – Feb 20

Bolivia has demanded that Chile immediately cancel the imposed quotas on the transportation of exports among other restrictions established in a treaty in 1904. Since 2009, Chile has imposed quotas on Boilvia’s exterior commerce by limiting the volume of transit across the border. The treaty of 1904 established various obligations that Chile is not fulfilling, specifically […]

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