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Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

HIT (Health Information Technology) is recognized as one of the fastest developing fields. What’s even better is that it comes with a nationally recognized license and therefore, professionals can work anywhere. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimate that by 2014, a minimum of 50,000 HIT professionals will be needed.  No experience necessary, nor is prior experience in the medical field even necessary. The only minimum requirement is that students be computer literate – which is certainly not a hurdle for most people. Even older people, perhaps starting a third career should explore this avenue. Working online should prohibit any age discrimination fears or issues.

Newest CBT Online Course

The newest CBT (Computer Based Training) online course in Health Information Technology classes is being offered by Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. The certificate program takes a mere 6 months to complete and is entirely completed over the Internet. Santa Fe College is an accredited public community college – not a “not-for-profit” school like the University of Phoenix or DeVry Institute. Santa Fe College was one of three schools in Florida selected to receive a grant by the U.S. federal government to supply HIT training. There were a total of 5 grants awarded.

Low Cost

If you can believe it – this six month Health Information Technology online certificate program is only $800, which may be partially reimbursed, provided the student has found relevant employment within six months of graduation. As a bonus, there are no out-of-state tuition costs, or text book expenses, because there aren’t any textbooks! It is truly a pure CBT certificate program, which can lead to a starting salary of approximately $45,000! I say this is a bargain! College students who complete the program in six months and begin employed in may be refunded for around half of what they paid.

Enroll Now

Health Information Technology classes at Santa Fe are offered on an ongoing, If this salary, accelerated online, computer based training HIT program sounds appealing – apply now and begin by next month! The program accepts new students on an ongoing monthly basis, which means be accepted today and begin coursework the first of the coming month.