Editorial Staff

Joshua Haney

– Editor In Chief

Josh is sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International History. He grew up as an Air Force brat, and has lived in nine states, which makes saying where he’s from sound like a grocery list. He became interested in Eastern Europe and Russia after spontaneously deciding to study Russian as a foreign language, without any actual knowledge of the language beforehand. When not struggling through the interminable complexities of Russian grammar, he plays board games and reads up on bits of historical information of questionable value.






Sarah Bothner

– Copy Chief

Sarah is a junior in the MSB who, if she had the choice, would major in about eight different subjects. However, as this is not an option, she is double majoring in Finance and Operations & Information Management. She has a passion for 80s music, skiing, and black coffee. She hopes to one day be fluent in Spanish, an accomplished yogi, and to retire in Europe with her many future dogs and her enormous future yacht.





Christopher Stein

– Copy Chief

Chris is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying Global Business. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is a self-proclaimed foodie. You can often see him in Washington D.C. trying to find pizza that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Chris is a politics and news junkie who enjoys reading and writing and does not enjoy doing economics homework. He studies Mandarin Chinese and hopes to study abroad in Hangzhou, Taipei, or Shanghai.






Ga Ram Lee

– Editor, The Anchor

Ga Ram is a sophomore in the SFS, planning to study Science, Technology and International Affairs. Although born in South Korea, she lived most of her life in Germany and Italy. She also traveled a lot and gained an appreciation for the diverse culture. While she was living abroad, she became interested in issues that affect politics and the economy in Western Europe.





Theo Symonds

– Editor, The Anchor

Theo is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in Culture & Politics, and pursuing independent study in global media production & anthropological research, as well as tourism, and sustainability. This is his third semester with The Caravel, and has previously written for the Western Europe Section and the Travel Section. Outside of The Caravel, Theo does non-profit and microfinance consulting with Georgetown Global Consulting, plays for the Georgetown rugby team, and is interning with the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative.




Irene Chun

– Editor, Indo-Asia-Pacific

Irene is a freshman in the College planning on majoring in Government and minoring in Sociology and Psychology. Born and raised in New York, she is interested in the Indo-Asia-Pacific as well as Central European culture/politics, racial and ethnic identifications within education, and socioeconomic trends in urban regions. When not writing, she can be found doing academic research, designing, playing cello, singing, or taking photos.





Harry He

– Editor, Indo-Asia-Pacific

Harry is a freshman in the SFS planning to major in Regional Study focusing on East Asia. From Hefei, China, a city unfamiliar even to many Chinese, Harry is an avid promoter of Chinese culture. He is also a self-proclaimed chef and photographer. When not reading or writing news on China, he can probably be found cooking Chinese food in his room.






Caroline Schauder

– Editor, Indo-Asia-Pacific

Caroline is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. She is specifically interested in the intersection of technology in the public sector, and she explores this through her work as a Student Analyst with the Beeck Center for Social Impact’s Data for Social Good initiative. Caroline became interested in South Asia after living in Pune, India for two months through an exchange program. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors and is an active member of both the Georgetown triathlon and rock climbing teams.






Molly Dunlap

– Editor, Eastern Europe & Russia

Molly is a rising sophomore in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy, minoring in Chinese, and pursuing a certificate in Justice and Peace Studies. As a D.C. native, she is passionate about politics, both domestic and international. In her free time, Molly enjoys dj-ing at Georgetown’s WGTB and writing short stories. In the future, Molly hopes to go to law school and eventually work in human and civil rights litigation.





Eric Schichein

– Editor, Eastern Europe & Russia

Eric is a freshman in the SFS studying International Politics and German. When not working or reading the news, he enjoys cooking, exploring DC, and drinking tea. Despite moving almost every 2 years during his childhood, his wanderlust has not been sated and he is always ready to travel.






Austin Corona

– Editor, Latin American & the Caribbean 

Austin is a sophomore in the SFS from Basalt, CO studying International Culture and Politics. Austin has spent considerable time in Latin America where he has traveled for pleasure and engaged in multiple development projects. Austin has been a writer for the Latin America and Caribbean section of The Caravel for three semesters, and he hopes to pursue a career in international journalism after he graduates from Georgetown.





Gabriela Rodriguez

– Editor, Latin America & the Caribbean 

Gabriela is a sophomore in the Georgetown College majoring in Government and is interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she enjoys sharing her Latin American culture and spreading awareness about the political issues of the region. Besides The Caravel, Gabriela is also a member of the Georgetown University Dance Company. Her biggest dream is to one day travel to Australia and hug a koala.





April Artrip

– Editor, Middle East & Central Asia

April is a sophomore in the SFS majoring in IPOL, minoring in Arabic, and getting a certificate in Arab Studies. She grew up in Houston, Texas, but hopes to become a natural inhabitant of the East Coast, even if she’ll never get over the blasphemous use of the word barbecue and her high standards for Mexican food. In her free time, she likes to expand her cosmetics collection and aimlessly scroll through Twitter.





Preetham Chappada

– Editor, Middle East & Central Asia

Preetham is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He is considering a focus in security and space studies. He loves to cook but doesn’t have a kitchen, so he watches the Food Network instead. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, and hopes to visit Outer Space.






Claire Hazbun

– Editor, North & Sub-Saharan Africa 

Claire Hazbun is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying International Politics and African Studies. Outside of class, she is a research assistant in the African Studies department and a member of Georgetown’s Taekwondo Club. She is from West Lafayette, Indiana and likes to cook, bake, and play board games.






Bethania Michael

– Editor, North & Sub-Saharan Africa 

Bethania is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying Regional and Comparative Studies with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. The Marylander is particularly interested in migration issues in the Horn of Africa, and spent the past summer in Tanzania researching the country’s refugee policies and NGOs.






Josh Chang

– Editor, Western Europe & Canada

Josh Chang is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service poised to study International Politics and minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. When not manning the sails of the Caravel, he can be found watching and critiquing films, editing Wikipedia articles, and conquering the world (in the game of Risk). Josh considers himself the Georgetown resident “Armchair Historian,” and invites fellow Hoyas to talk about history over cups of Corp Coffee near the enlightening flames of the HSFC fireplace.





Felipe Koerich

– Editor, Western Europe & Canada

Felipe Lobo Koerich is a freshman in the SFS planning to major in International Politics (or not). Originally born in Brazil, he has lived in Amsterdam, Houston, and New Orleans. Also a Portuguese, and thus EU citizen, Felipe’s interest in Western Europe, particularly the politics and future of the European Union, is equal parts intellectual curiosity and legal necessity. When not dutifully working for the Caravel, he writes short stories and reads Wikipedia articles about esoteric (read: irrelevant) topics.

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