Editorial Staff

Listed below are members of The Caravel‘s editorial board, made up of the editor-in-chief and the section editors, which leads the editorial staff.


Tamara Evdokimova – Editor-in-Chief

Tamara (or Tammy to avoid awkward mispronunciations) is a junior in the SFS majoring in International History and minoring in French and Diplomatic Studies. Born and raised in the eternal Russian winter, she is interested in studying Vladimir Putin’s shenanigans on the international stage and their impact on the European Union. The rare moments that she is not in the Caravel office, you’ll likely find her watching historical drama on Netflix, reading depressing Russian novels, or making silly Photoshop collages.



Section Editors

Sarah Bothner – Copy Chief

Sarah is a sophomore in the MSB who, if she had the choice, would major in about eight different subjects. However, as this is not an option, she is double majoring in Finance and Operations & Information Management. She has a passion for 80s music, skiing, and black coffee. She hopes to one day be fluent in Spanish, an accomplished yogi, and to retire in Europe with her many future dogs and her enormous future yacht.




Christopher Stein – Copy Chief

Chris is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service planning to study International Political Economy. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is a self-proclaimed foodie. You can often see him in Washington DC trying to find palatable pizza. Chris is a politics and news junkie who enjoys reading and writing vastly more than economics homework. He studies Mandarin Chinese and hopes to study abroad in Hangzhou, Taipei, or Shanghai.


Julia Rhodes – Editor, The Anchor

Julia is a junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in Culture and Politics. Originally from Delaware, she discovered a North Korean advocacy network in her home state. After learning more, Julia developed an interest in analyzing the political settlements and historical developments of East Asia. Julia has interned for Senator Coons, Leader Pelosi, and Vice President Biden. She eagerly awaits the day when Delaware will take over the world. (mwahaha)


Colton Wade – Editor, The Anchor



Colton Wade is a junior in the SFS majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy. Since he began independently learning Portuguese at the age of fifteen, he’s had an insatiable interest in Brazilian culture and politics, and spent last summer and fall in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, respectively. When he’s not obsessing over all things international, you can find him acting on campus with the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society.




David Lim – Editor, East Asia & Oceania


David is a junior in the School of Foreign Service pursuing a major in International Politics and a certificate in Asian Studies. He was born in Arlington, but grew up most of his life in Korea where he attended the same international school for 11 years. He joined the Caravel after completing his two years of military service with the U.S. Eighth Army and works as a research assistant for the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy. He openly encourages Jack Bauer to run for the presidency in 2020.


Josh Chang – Editor, East Asia & Oceania


Josh Chang is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service poised to study International Politics and minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. When not manning the sails of the Caravel, he can be found watching and critiquing films, editing Wikipedia articles, and conquering the world (in the game of Risk). Josh considers himself the Georgetown resident “Armchair Historian,” and invites fellow Hoyas to talk about history over cups of Corp Coffee near the enlightening flames of the HSFC fireplace.



Percy Metcalfe – Editor, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Percy Metcalfe is a sophomore in the SFS. He flits between majors, but is currently (mostly) settled on CULP. Born and raised in London, but with an American passport, he has adopted Washington as his second home with zeal. Percy discovered writing his Freshman year, when he interned at an off-campus paper. Earlier this year he worked for the Daily Caller. He spends his free time reading fake news and GERMSing.

Denis Tchaouchev – Editor, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Denis is a sophomore in the SFS planning to major in Culture and Politics. He grew up in Novi, Michigan and comes from a Bulgarian family. He joined the Caravel to help spread the word about Bulgaria and other oft-forgotten Eastern European countries that lie in the shadow of Russia. Besides writing for the Caravel, Denis also enjoys reading mean restaurant reviews on Yelp and attempting to play the violin.


Kyle Tillotson – Editor, Latin America & the Caribbean


Kyle is a Junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy and minoring in Spanish. When he first came to Georgetown, Kyle was drawn to studying the consequences of Latin American populism and found the Caravel to be a natural fit. Besides the Caravel, Kyle is involved on campus with International Relations Club and Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity. In his free time, Kyle can be found watching american football and (poorly) playing guitar and ukulele.


Bryce Couch – Editor, Latin America & the Caribbean



Bryce Couch is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service.  He is studying International Politics and hopes to pursue a career in international law.  Spending time exploring Buenos Aires and the Argentinian countryside sparked his interest in Latin America’s culture, and he specifically focuses on the effects of counter-terrorism and drug trafficking.  When not working on The Caravel, Bryce is an Olympic enthusiast, Netflix-oholic, and Snapchat filter creator extraordinaire.



Wasil Rezk – Editor, Middle East & North Africa



Wasil is an Egyptian freshman from Madrid, Spain and he’s in the SFS studying International Economics. He has lived in 9 countries, speaks 5 languages
and is the founder of a community service NGO called Clean & Green Egypt.
In addition, Wasil writes for his own media outlet named Nile Scope.


 Preetham Chappada – Editor, Middle East & North Africa


Preetham is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He is considering a focus in security and space studies. He loves to cook but doesn’t have a kitchen, so he watches the Food Network instead. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, and hopes to visit Outer Space.




Jonathan Dörnhofer – Editor, Sub-Saharan Africa

Jonathan is a junior in the School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a certificate in African Studies. He is most interested in the political and electoral systems of African states, as well as their collective and individual relations with foreign countries. Hailing from Southeastern Germany, he can’t really remember how he first became fascinated by Africa, but he hopes to live and work on the continent in the future. When not working on the Caravel, he’s probably cultivating his unreasonably extensive obsession with the culture, politics, and history of Namibia.


Jessica Hickle – Editor, Sub-Saharan Africa

Jessica is a junior in the SFS studying International Politics, French, and African Studies. She is from New Hampshire (#LiveFreeOrDie) but most recently became a permanent resident of Tanzania where she worked on education policy research this summer. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, and eating. Usually in that order.


Caroline Schauder – Editor, South & Southeast Asia


Caroline Schauder is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service from Charlotte, North Carolina. After living in Pune, India two summers ago, she developed an interest in Hindi and Southeast Asian studies. Called a grandmother by many, she is an avid knitter and tea connoisseur.




Ridwan Meah – Editor, South & Southeast Asia


Ridwan Meah is currently a freshman in the SFS, hoping to major in International Political Economy. Born in Bangladesh, he has a passion for the affairs of South Asia. A native New Yorker as well, he knows how to appreciate a good bagel and a quality slice of pizza. He’s also a religious Star Wars fanatic, a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a contender for King of Memes.




Ga Ram Lee – Editor, Western Europe


Ga Ram is a freshman in the SFS, planning to study Science, Technology and International Affairs. Although born in South Korea, she lived most of her life in Germany and Italy. She also traveled a lot and gained an appreciation for the diverse culture. While she was living abroad, she became interested in issues that affect politics and the economy in Western Europe.




Francesca Ractliffe – Editor, Western Europe

Francesca Ractliffe is a freshmen in the College majoring in German and hopefully Philosophy and maybe Journalism. She was born and raised in the Auvergne, heart of France, and attended High School in Italy outside of Rome. Francesca is especially interested in French and Italian politics, as well as has a passion for following the news on the Italian mafia.


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