Executive Staff

Executive Staff

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Nivu Jejurikar

– Publisher

Nivu is a senior in the SFS studying Science, Technology and International Affairs, with concentrations in Security and Computer Science. In addition to her position as Publisher of The Caravel, Nivu has worked for the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative and choreographs for Georgetown’s annual South Asian dance showcase, Rangila. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Nivu likes to travel, read, and drink coffee.

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Robert Danco

– Executive Director

Robert is a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying Global Business. Besides working for The Caravel, he’s involved with No Labels Georgetown, wrote for The Hoya, and is a Student Research Assistant for the Berkley Center. When not doing any of that, he’s probably drinking cold brew coffee, listening to his weird collection of country and rap, or pretending to know what’s going on in his Chinese class.

Carolyn Kirshe

– Marketing Team Manager




– Finance Team Manager




– Business Development Team Manager




– Events Team Manager



Rodrigo Mercado

– Research & Analytics Team Manager



Josh Chang

– IT & Design Team Manager


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