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  1. Wasil, as a fellow Egyptian and compatriot I am deeply disappointed at your unjust stance on Bassem Youssef. Even if he is not your personal hero asserting that he has provided no source of inspiration for the Egyptian youth is unfounded. Egypt needs satirical comedy to enrich our culture and awake our population to larger and alarming social issues so that we can progress. Youssef plays a role in this movement – even if it is from the US.

  2. Very well written…! Indeed Bassem Youssef is one of those who sought their own personal interests in Egypt’s turmoil. If, at an earlier age of his career he had a dream of immigrating, then that was the perfect time to flee his country claiming he was threatened and discriminated. Shame on him to be earning his living by insulting his country and its government on stages and shame on big universities like GU to offer their platform to ONLY one side of the story, hence manipulating the young men and women and helping shape more untrue and vague stereotypes

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