Institutional Partnerships

The Caravel has grown its presence in the greater DMV area with the support of many organizations and institutions. See our partner institutions below, which we recognize as part of our support network.

Georgetown International Relations Association

Georgetown International Relations Association

The mission of the Georgetown International Relations Association is to design meaningful exchanges that inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of leaders in government, business, and international affairs. To organize and execute high-quality, interactive diplomatic simulations for both high-school and college students. To offer opportunities for immersion and exchange through cooperation with our international partners. To help fund and promote Georgetown University’s premier club for International Relations. To fund undergraduate and graduate Georgetown University students who wish to pursue projects in accordance with its mission.

Global Risk Insights


Global Risk Insights (GRI) is your online source for political risk analysis. Every day, our global network of analysts identify and analyze political risks around the world and assess how they are impacting economic & business climates. Our goal is to help businesses and investors understand and adapt to these political risks and oppurtunities so they stay ahead of the competition.

US Middle East Youth Network


The US-Middle East Youth Network aims to engage and connect college students and youth throughout the Middle East and the United States. We seek to foster both the exchange and discussion of politics and foreign policy from a unique perspective.

School of Foreign Service Dean’s Office

Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service aims to increase awareness on international issues ranging from climate change, to international development, to gender politics, to international trade. The SFS Dean’s Office supports events and endeavors that further their mission to educate students on international affairs.




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